Invite ALL Your Friends and Family

Think about the most important moments in your life. Were you surrounded by friends and family? Was everyone able to be there to share your joy, or offer their support? Have you ever missed out on a memorial service for a dear friend, or been unable to offer your congratulations to a newly married couple in person?

At Mercury Event Webcasting, our mission is to connect people so that they can share each moment even if they cannot be there in person. Our operations are based in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but wherever your event is located, we can help you share it worldwide.

What Is Webcasting?

Webcasting is a lot like live television, only with webcasts, the video signal is sent over the internet. This means that webcasting allows users all over the world to watch live video instantaneously, as long as they have an adequate internet connection. Webcasting is highly affordable and provides a powerful forum for friends and families to stay connected, even when they're separated physically. Mercury Event Webcasting creates value for businesses, community organizations, families, and individuals by designing custom webcasting pages, webcasting events, and empowering our clients to produce their own profitable webcasts quickly and easily, with minimal technical expertise required.

Who Can Use Webcasting?

If you have a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation ceremony, athletic event, competition, performance, or any other event you'd like to share with friends and family instantly, wherever they are, we'll build a custom webpage for your event and broadcast the whole thing for you. We are Philadelphia's premier webcasting service, and we offer services that are helpful for people and organizations all over the world.

If you own or operate a venue where important events happen, we can install all the necessary discreet equipment for you to create and sell your own webcasts. This is the perfect way for wedding venues, churches, concert venues, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to connect with the communities they serve and differentiate themselves. For more information or to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives in the Philadelphia area, you can contact us here!